It's back! The Dollarita at your favorite Maine Applebee's is here!

As Applebee's said on its website,

Let's get this party started. We just made your May

Dollaritas (one-dollar margaritas) are back at Applebee's! Last year, they brought back the deal in October, but this year, it was inspired by Cinco de Mayo, and will last all month long!

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Then the Dollarita is gone again, and we never know when it will pop back up! There are 31 days in May, and that includes the Memorial Day Weekend.

This deal is good at all the Applebee's in Maine. However, don't think you're gonna order a dozen margaritas to go. This is for dine-in only. And with such a deal, drinking responsibly is Applebee's top priority. But considering a margarita can run ya around ten bucks, this is one hell of a deal!

As one fan on Instagram commented,

Justice has finally been served.

Dollarita Applebee's Grill + Bar Facebook
Dollarita Applebee's Grill + Bar Facebook

Where are Maine Applebee's located?

Great news, now tell me where I can get this immediately! Mainers, you have 12 choices to get a dollar margarita.

  • Applebee's Portland - 1072 Brighton Avenue
  • Applebee's South Portland - 200 Running Hill Road
  • Applebee's Windham - 1 Amato Drive
  • Applebee's Brunswick - 11 Gurnet Road
  • Applebee's Biddeford - 550 Alfred Road
  • Applebee's Auburn - 599 Center Street
  • Applebee's Sanford - 1364 Main Street
  • Applebee's Oxford - 1591 Main Street
  • Applebee's Augusta - 136 Western Avenue
  • Applebee's Thomaston - 194 New County Road
  • Applebee's Waterville - 251 Kennedy Memorial Drive
  • Applebee's Bangor - 718 Hogan Road

Here's a game. How many of these Applebee's have you been to? I can knock four off the list. But I've never been when they've had the Dollarita! By the way, the margaritas are made with tequila, triple sec, and lime. I've come a long way. When I was a new drinker, I overdid it a bit with tequila, and avoided it for a couple of decades. Then, a friend convinced me to try it one more time. Yup, enough time had passed, and now I can have margaritas. How convenient they are for only a buck!

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