If you're looking for a new road trip destination or a weekend excursion involving drinks and a night out, buckle up for this one.

Esquire recently released its list of the best bars in the United States for 2024, and while a good chunk of those seem to be California and New York (go figure), New England does land two spots.

Equal Measure in Boston and Birds of Paradise in Brighton were recognized as top-tier bars with incredible drinks and an unforgettable experience.

Sure, you can hit up some local hot spots in Maine like Arcadia in Portland for drinks and arcade games or maybe the state's "best dive bar," Ruski's in the West End. Or if you're from New Hampshire, maybe it's The Goat in Hampton or Renegades in Londonderry.

But this trip to Massachusetts will be for your special weekend, so you can say you've been to and drank at one of the best bars in America. (Or maybe you'll be convinced to want to go again.)

It's only about two hours from Portland or over an hour from Portsmouth, so not a heavy drive.

If you're hitting up Equal Measure first, you'll find a bar that is a haven for cocktail enthusiasts, known for its impeccable balance of flavors and innovative drink menu.

Esquire says the cocktails stand out here and recommend Down the Rabbit Hole for your drink to try.

According to Boston.com, Equal Measure recently opened in 2023 and features high ceilings, art deco details, and even a commissioned portrait of Stanley Tucci pouring a negroni.

Plus, it's right near Fenway, if you're looking to take in a game or concert in the area.

Then there's Birds of Paradise, which according to its website, is a 45-seat cocktail bar "inspired by the golden age of travel" with "a drinking experience that will transport you with each sip."

This is also a new-ish bar, having opened in 2022, according to Boston Magazine, and is in the basement of a former police station.

The magazine also notes the place's vibe has vintage Pan Am plane cabin feels or "a members-only airline terminal."

This bar transports you to a paradise of flavors, where each drink is a delightful adventure. The ambiance, coupled with the artistry of the drinks, ensures a memorable visit.

How brave do you want to get with these creative drinks?

Esquire recommends The Dublin to Caracas, which it says is "an unlikely Manhattan variation with Irish whiskey, ripe banana, amaro, sherry, and tonka bean."

Down for a road trip to check out these "best bars"? Where is your favorite place to grab a drink?

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