88% of people could not understand Maine's slang terms. Yah, bub!

It seems ridiculous that people can't understand our words. The accent, maybe, but our slang terms aren't that hard, are they? Over 88% of people surveyed defined Maine's slang incorrectly, according to a study done by Preply.

Here's what cracks me up about this study. It's the one phrase that tripped everyone up.

Right out straight.

Most people thought it was to tell the truth. What? No, bub, it's being wicked busy! And don't even ask about "cunnin'". One out of three people thought that "cunnin'" was slang for someone who is very talkative in Maine. No! It's being tricky and smart. Here are the Preply rankings of the most misunderstood slang for the top states.


How did they figure out Mainers are misunderstood?

Preply quizzed over 1,000 U.S. residents on various slang from all 50 states to determine which ones people couldn’t accurately define. They used terms that were exclusive to each state.

For the state slang, Preply sourced Only In Your State and Enjoy Travel. I get that someone would have no idea what "upta camp" or "wicked pissah" means. But "right out straight" does surprise me that they thought it meant to tell the truth. I actually had no idea that saying was exclusive to Maine. I thought that was a known phrase for everyone.

There's some pretty funny slang in other states.

Photo by Jamie Haughton on Unsplash
Photo by Jamie Haughton on Unsplash

Preply points out some pretty funny examples in other states that make "ay-uh" seem pretty basic.

  • In Florida, if someone says you have “jiffy feet,” you have dirty feet from not wearing shoes. 43% of respondents thought that “jiffy feet” meant you have talented dance moves.
  • Kansans may go out for “concrete” after dinner, a popular ice-cream treat, but 45% of people thought “concrete” was slang for a sidewalk in Kansas.
  • West Virginians often call skunks “polecats”. However, over one in four Americans thought “polecat” was slang for an adult entertainer in this state.

And Maine is the most misunderstood state?

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