Price Increases

It doesn't take a rocket scientist and you don't need a lobotomy to realize that the price of everything has gone up. Way up. Like, stupidly insanely up.

And that's just in everyday life, nevermind if you decide to venture out and have some kind of social life -- whether it's grabbing drinks and/or a bite at a bar, or especially if you hit a sporting event.

And while part of it may be on the venue or the sports team, a good chunk of it isn't, since the cost of the items they provide have also gone up for them to keep in stock in offer, which means in order to afford it, they have to increase it for us to buy, as well.

But imagine if some of it was free? A ballpark in Seattle is treating fans to some free eats in a really fun way -- the way that Fenway, Hadlock, and Polar Park should start incorporating into their home games.

BDMcIntosh / Photo by Jalen Terry on Unsplash
BDMcIntosh / Photo by Jalen Terry on Unsplash

Fenway Park Prices

According to Wicked Local, the average price for a Fenway Frank last season was $6.25. For a 12 ounce beer, fans were dishing out almost $8 each, over $10 for a 16-ounce, and a 24-ouncer was just shy of $16.

On the official Red Sox website, depending on what team the Sox play, what day the game is, and where the seats are located, tickets can range anywhere from $12 to $357 for a single game ticket.

Between food, drinks, parking, and tickets, depending on how hard you go, you could be in for an easy $1,000 trip for one game at Fenway Park. Thankfully, options at Hadlock Field for the Sea Dogs and Polar Park for the WooSox are cheaper, but still.

Enter this brilliant idea currently happening in Seattle at Mariners games.

Photo by Lauren Thimmesch on Unsplash / BDMcIntosh / Photo by Ball Park Brand on Unsplash / Canva
Photo by Lauren Thimmesch on Unsplash / BDMcIntosh / Photo by Ball Park Brand on Unsplash / Canva

Free Hot Dog Drop

In order to have some fun during games and also save some attending fans a few bucks, during Seattle Mariners games at T-Mobile Park, the Mariners have started a new segment called Hot Dogs from Heaven where they drop hot dogs attached to parachutes into the crowd while playing the Belinda Carlisle song Heaven Is a Place on Earth.

For the love of Wally the Green Monster, Slugger the Sea Dog, and Smiley Ball and Woofster -- CAN WE PLEASE GET PARACHUTED FENWAY FRANKS AND RED SNAPPAHS DROPPED ON US AT THE BOTTOM OF THE 7TH?!

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