Phantom Gourmet

It's one of the foodie shows renowned and specific to New England that restaurant owners clamor and hope to be featured on. It's even safe to say most would sell their souls to receive some hype on Phantom Gourmet.

And it happened for Silly's Restaurant in Portland, Maine, back in 2017 (the feature on the Phantom Gourmet -- not the soul-selling part.)

And while you'd think that would be the start of a guarantee of a long life in the industry, shortly after the episode aired, Silly's started going through changes.

Phantom Gourmet via Facebook
Phantom Gourmet via Facebook

Silly's Portland

When the episode where Silly's Restaurant was featured aired back in 2017 (for what it's worth, the feature of Silly's was posted to the Phantom Gourmet Facebook page on August 16, 2017), Silly's was located at 40 Washington Street in Portland, where it had been for about 20 years at that point.

But after that 2017 feature on Phantom Gourmet, according to NEWS CENTER Maine in a feature almost exactly two years later, owner Colleen Kelley stated for multiple reasons -- full-time exhaustion, caring for her ailing father, and the transformation of the vibe of the East End -- that she would close the restaurant on September 1, 2019.

Silly's Reopen

Silly's would not stay closed for long, though, when in October 2020, Colleen reopened Silly's at 68 Washington Street in Portland, where Colleen would once again bring greatness and deliciousness to the public. For a short time, anyway.

Silly's Food Truck

Because in March 2022, Colleen decided to shift the way that the public would experience Silly's -- no longer in a brick and mortar restaurant location, but instead shifting to a food truck operation.

Hello Folks….The lease is ending at 68 Washington and I will be moving Silly’s to a food truck which I think is a better fit for me at this stage in my life.

So, the question remains -- and it's a question that the jury could for sure be out on -- was it that 2017 feature on Phantom Gourmet that somehow started causing a string of bad luck for Colleen?

Or did that unintentionally give Colleen the avenue to adapt to both the times and create an opportunity to continue to do what she loves through Silly's, but with an execution that was better for her health, well-being, and life?

Silly's Restaurant via Facebook
Silly's Restaurant via Facebook

Regardless, Portlanders, Mainers from surrounding communities, and also people from away are grateful not only for Colleen's perseverance, but also that the legend of Silly's continues to live on.

According to the Silly's page on Facebook, you can find the food truck on Fridays at Steep Falls Building Supply, Saturdays at Hometown Furnishings, and on Sundays and Mondays on Moody Road, all from 11:30a-2:30p.

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