It's always cute in movies when a dude approaches you in a grocery store, but never in real life. Especially not nowadays, when the world is at its weirdest. At what point does cute become creepy in situations like this? I feel like I understood this guy's intentions, and in some ways, I can respect his ability to shoot his shot in person. However, I think this story might fall under "creepy", whether it was intentional or not. I'll give you the situation, and you can decide how to feel about it.

I was walking into the Portland Hannaford after the gym, and passed a man about my age coming out of the store. He smiled at me and I smiled back, not thinking anything of it until about five minutes later.  I then saw the man inside the store in the same aisle as me, acting like we didn't just pass each other outside. I carry on to the next aisle, where I feel a presence. I turn around and there's the man again, but this time approaching me to tell me how pretty I am and to ask if I was single.

The first thing I asked was, "Did you follow me in here? Because you were on your way out as I was on my way in here." He said, "Yes, I couldn't help it once I saw you. I had to introduce myself to you."

Creepy or cute, guys? One one hand, I admire his ambition and confidence to do something most men wouldn't do anymore, and on the other hand, it made me feel like I was being mediocrely stalked.

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