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Cinco de Mayo 2024 may not be remembered just for a day full of fiestas, fajitas, and margaritas, but also as the day The Greatest Roast of All Time dropped on Netflix and a group of comedians and fellow football players and coaches, past and present, all gathered at the KIA Forum in Los Angeles, California, to talk a bunch of smack about and to Tom Brady.

And, for the most part, the entire event went over well without any real backlash coming from it.

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Granted, Tom's ex-wife, Gisele Bundchen, and the fiancee of his former New England Patriots teammate, Aaron Hernandez, weren't all that happy because of all the jokes based around them.

But let's be real, there's no way that Brady wasn't going to be absolutely destroyed for having it all -- being married to a supermodel, having an adorable family, allegedly picking football over said wife and family, and being left for a trainer who gave Gisele the attention she just wanted from Tom.

There's one other thing being talked about, though. Something Tom himself admitted to during the part of the roast where he was able to fire back.

Getty Images / Photo by Adam Cai on Unsplash
Getty Images / Photo by Adam Cai on Unsplash

Tom Brady Deflategate

In case you needed a reminder, Deflategate was the NFL scandal in 2015 surrounding the New England Patriots and, more specifically, Tom Brady, where he secretly (and illegally) had the air pressure in balls decreased, since he preferred the grip of softer balls as opposed to fully inflated, harder ones.

Since day one of Deflategate becoming a household name until Saturday, May 4, 2024, Brady maintained his innocence and denied ever suggesting or requesting that the air pressure be secretly lowered.

That all changed, though, during his Netflix roast on Sunday, May 5, 2024, when it seemed like he finally came clean.

So, the question (sort of) remains -- was that a full, true admission, a sarcastic joke, or both?

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