You've likely heard of The Onion, which hit the internet in 1996 and posted satirical news articles that some people often mistook for real news. Maine had a similar thing online called "New Maine News", which gained a lot of popularity until it was suddenly gone. Whatever happened to New Maine News?

New Maine News, like The Onion, was a satirical news site run by one person who had a fantastic sense of humor to come up with headlines like these:

"Maine Magazine Columnist Struggles to Find Perfect, Patronizing Way to Describe Small Town"

"Christmas Display Unplugged Until Next Year"

"Next Stephen King Movie Casts Actor With Actual Maine Accent"

"Gazetteer Disintegrates Into Dust During Trip to Eustis"

"Governor LePage Pulls Car Into McDonald’s After Family Tells Him They Want Burger King"

"Neighbors Issue Statement About Jerry’s New Truck: ‘Must be Nice’"

We laughed reading these articles, because they were so Maine. We could all relate.

However, New Maine News was often mistaken for real news, like when ESPN Radio picked up one of their articles about a Class D basketball game stopping because a ball got stuck behind a wood stove.

Seth Macy was the genius behind New Maine News, and he appeared on The Nite Show With Danny Cashman to talk about it.

On October 25, 2019, all the fun came to an end when Seth called it quits.

Seth's Twitter/X account no longer exists, so this is all of the post I could find:

I let the business account for New Maine News expire. It's not worth it for me, financially, to spend $300 every year to upkeep a site that earns around...

You can still find New Maine News at a different URL, since appears to have been taken over by a spam site. You can find the archive for New Maine News at

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