The world is her bathtub.

Don't you just love that tagline for the world's largest rubber duck that thousands flock to see? If you're a lucky duck, you'll get the chance to see her too, as she gets ready to tour this summer.

According to the The Big Duck website, mama duck is more than six stories tall. Whoa! That's 61 feet high with a width of 64 feet and 74 feet long, and weighing in at more than 15 tons (which is like three elephants). She has a little duckling, too. After all, she is a mama. According to the Princeton Chamber of Commerce, Timmy is her 10-foot baby duck who tours with her.

The world's largest rubber duck debuted in Los Angeles 10 years ago, with a mission to spread happiness and love. I mean, how can you not smile and feel all the feels when you come across this adorable ducky?

World's Largest Rubber Duck website
World's Largest Rubber Duck website

Mama duck and her son Timmy have another mission besides spreading happiness. Their tour around the country is also a reminder to take advantage of outdoor spaces while keeping green space alive and well with festivals and events.

According to Vice, we have Jim Henson and Sesame Street to thank for making rubber duckies the symbols of youth and happiness. They were a niche toy product until they were thrust into the public eye in the mid-1970s, when they were introduced as Ernie's favorite toy on Sesame Street.

Right now, mama duck and Timmy have five areas they're hitting this summer, including just minutes over the Connecticut line in Westchester County's Rye, New York, at Playland. That stop is in mid-August.

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