It is scientifically impossible not to love chocolate chip cookies.

Whether they're fresh out of the oven or paired with a cold glass of milk, chocolate chip cookies put smiles on the faces of kids and kids at heart.

But did you know that the popular treat was first invented in New England? Let's take a quick look into the history of the chocolate chip cookie.

Back in the 1930s, a Massachusetts woman named Ruth Graves Wakefield (1903-1977) was the owner of the Toll House Inn in Whitman. According to The Sugar Association, Ruth was no amateur in the kitchen, and it was her baking expertise that launched Toll House's reputation for having "outstanding desserts".

Atlas Obscura explains that after running out of nuts for her cookies one day, Ruth decided to use chocolate as a substitute, unknowingly creating one of the most delicious baked delicacies known to mankind. In 1938, her cookbook, Tried and True, featured the first-ever recipe for the chocolate chip cookie, made with real brown sugar and served with ice cream.

While the historic Toll House Inn sadly burned down in a fire in 1984, a restored sign and historic marker now stand to commemorate the legacy of the property, Ruth, and the sweet treats she created. This post shared by the Whitman Police Department shares more information, including several pictures of the inn from back in the day.

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