What do we know about barbecue in the Northeast?  Plenty, thanks to diehard smokers (as in smoking meat) and tried and true recipes.

Dare I say many Northerners learned from some great pit bosses in the South, or better yet, some transplants from the South brought their own recipes to the Northeast?  Aren't we lucky?

Either way, while we don't have as many BBQ joints in New Hampshire as other states, the ones we do have are pretty dang good.

So where are the best BBQ places in New Hampshire?  There are a few, but let me tell you which one seems to come in at #1 in two different and prestigious food expert sites.

According to Food Network, New Hampshire's best BBQ place is a roadside barbecue on Route 125 in Brentwood.  It's Goody Cole's Smokehouse, and it is authentic Southern barbecue at its best.

People on the Goody Cole's Smokehouse & Catering Facebook page comment on how great it is, how it smells so good rolling up to the big red barn, and how they travel across state lines to get to it.

The place smells so good because they use 100% hickory to cook the meat low and slow.  No electricity or gas is used. The ribs are St. Louis-style pork ribs, dry seasoned with their own secret recipe.

Goody Cole via Facebook
Goody Cole via Facebook

If you have a hankering for some slow-cooked barbecue, Goody Cole's is open Tuesday through Sunday from 11am - 7pm, but on Fridays and Saturdays, they're open until 8pm.

Food and Wine says "you can never really go wrong with a rack of ribs from Goody Cole's Smokehouse", so that's another feather in the restaurant's cap.  Honorable mentions are Smokeshow Barbeque in Concord, and Smokehaus Barbeque in Amherst.

Now go get some delicious ribs, chicken, pork, or kielbasa.

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