Wouldn't it be cool to have something in common with one of the most renowned film directors in the horror genre? Well, there's a chance you might, as John Carpenter has named his favorite Metallica song.

Carpenter, who's best-known for directing and scoring legendary horror flicks such as Halloween, The Fog, The Thing, Christine and more, has never been shy about his love for the thrash giants. But Metal Injection got down to the nitty gritty with him during a new interview, where he revealed which song in their catalog is his favorite track, and got his take on some other musicians too.

"Well, the best Metallica song is probably 'Enter Sandman.' It's classic," Carpenter declared. "Yeah, I'm a guitar riff guy, but that goes way back there. Even in the '50s they were doing that stuff. The [Rolling] Stones were doing riffs, on and on. So I embrace all rock except when it gets into the more modern stuff."

Elsewhere in the discussion, the filmmaker professed his love for The Beatles and the British Invasion in general, and noted that he's friends with iconic shock-rocker Alice Cooper. One thing you really may not have in common with him, however, is how he feels about Ozzy Osbourne.

"I wouldn't care about Ozzy Osbourne that much," he remarked. "I didn't think he had much of a voice, but my rock and roll roots go back to the '50s. I grew up with the '50s rock and also the pop music of the '50s. And then when The Beatles came along it was all over. It was over. That was it."

Regardless, it's been a big year for horror movies. Halloween Ends, the final film in the franchise, will be in theaters Oct. 14.

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