When it comes to deeming food "classic American fare", that terminology can be broad. For many, a classic meal could be something like a burger and fries, bacon and eggs, or fish and chips.

The majority of restaurants across the United States have some form of classic American fare on their menu, which means if you're in the business of finding which restaurants are the best of the best when it comes to serving that up, you'd better make wise choices.

So while burgers, fries, bacon, eggs, and beyond are all considered classic American fare, the choice for which restaurant in Maine serves up the best is a bit of a left turn. LoveFood has named Bob's Clam Hut as the place in Vacationland that consistently serves up the best American classics.

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Bob's Clam Hut has been a staple of the Kittery food scene for decades. Bob's is known for having all of their seafood delivered fresh on a daily basis.

If you've got 'Clam Hut' as part of your name, you're likely going to specialize in preparations of clams. Bob's offer many different ways to enjoy clams, from a basket of whole clams to breaded clam strips to a Bob and Betty special featuring clams mixed with other fresh seafood.

There's plenty of other classic fare options on the Bob's Clam Hut menu too, from an array of different burgers to fried chicken and fried fish sandwiches. There's also the old American standard of soup. Sometimes, a bowl of clam chowder or lobster stew hits perfectly on a chilly summer evening.

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