Kittery wants Maine to share where people live who have tested positive for the coronavirus so that first responders can be ready.

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The Portland Press Herald says a letter was sent this week to Gov. Janet Mills and Dr. Nirav Shah, director of the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention from Town Manager Kendra Amaral. She says that knowing addresses is vital information.

This sounds severe, and appears to be the first request for addresses in Maine, but other states have given first responders addresses of those infected with COVID-19 so they are ready if they have to respond.

Right now, Maine's CDC only says that those with the coronavirus are known by their gender, age range and the county they live in. That's followed by a lot of states.

Kittery pointed out that sharing addresses is happening in New Hampshire and Masschusetts. Right now the battle is between patient privacy and arming first responders with vital information to protect themselves.

The personal information would not be shared with anyone but first responders - should it be shared?



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