L.L. Bean is doing something it hasn't in its entire history of its flagship store. The retail store in Freeport is closing at midnight and will remained closed until March 29, the first time in history it has been closed for more than 24 hours.

According to the Sun Journal, L.L. Bean is closing in response to the coronavirus pandemic, but will still pay its employees who work year round, including benefits. Online and phone orders will continue to be taken.

L.L Bean's flagship store is famous for being the only retail store of its size in Maine that has an exemption to Maine's Blue Law prohibiting retail stores over 5000 feet be open on Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. That allowed the Freeport store to be open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

This will be the first time that store has been closed longer than 24 hours and only the fifth time it has been closed in its history.

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