LaVerdier's Super Drug Stores has now been immortalized on the internet with a Wikipedia page, but what other defunct Maine businesses deserve one next?

For a lot of Maine residents, when you bring up LaVerdiere's Super Drug Stores. it conjures up a lot of memories. Whether it was their collection of toys and games, their family friendly arcade, or the fact that there seemed be a LaVerdiere's in every Maine town and city, it was a well know and well liked part of being Maine. But despite all of that nostalgia, LaVerdiere's was nearly absent on the world wide encyclopedia known as the internet...until now.

Redditor gravitycollapse pronounced that "they had spent two hours of their life" researching, compiling and then publishing a Wikipedia page dedicated to LaVerdiere's Super Drug Stores in Maine. The brief history details the rise of the drug store chain and subsequent fall, as well as the eventual sale of the chain to Rite Aid in 1994. Just a simple paragraph or two can take you down memory lane, but it got us thinking, what other businesses that operated in Maine deserve the same treatment?

One example could be the Dream Machine. A quick Google search won't yield any Wiki page for the once popular arcade chain that operated here in Maine. But what else? Department stores like Ames, Bradlees and Zayre's all have Wiki pages. Restaurants? Campgrounds? Let us know if you can think of some!

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