Do you have a favorite grocery store?  Of course you do, because we're talking food.

It's kind of a thing, fanatical even, whether it's pricing, comfort, choices, familiarity, or simple proximity.  And of course, many of us hit two or three grocery stores depending on what we're looking for.

That's fandom for you.

And now it looks like the lovers of Trader Joe's are no longer enough to keep it in the top 3 most favorite markets. They've been knocked out by Tewksbury, Massachusetts-based Market Basket, according to Super Market Perimeter.

What's crazy about this is the Market Basket chain is purely a New England thing, while Trader Joe's, lovingly known as TJ's to its dedicated base, is a German-owned California-based chain with locations all over the country.

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Let's beat our chests for the little big guy climbing 3 spots from last year.

Seriously, this is very cool and gives "support local" a whole new meaning. For us in New England, shopping at a big box like Market Basket fits that category.

To no one's surprise, Amazon (owner of Whole Foods), is #1, followed by Texas-based H-E-B, Market Basket, Wegman's (a New York-based grocer only located in 7 eastern states), then Amazon Fresh.

Trader Joe’s, home to, let's be honest, the unique and obscure delights that gives it its incredible charm, is now #7.

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Being a lover of TJ's, I'm still happy about this New England win because how can we not root for a "right coast"-based market versus "left coast", you know?

Market Basket via Facebook
Market Basket via Facebook

Do you have a favorite grocery store?  Why is it your favorite?

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