Inn at the Agora, Lewiston's first and only boutique hotel, is offering guests a chance to sleep in an actual crypt that housed a dead priest a century ago.


According to CNN, Lewiston/Auburn's new hotel Inn at the Agora will be the first hotel in the world to offer guests a chance to sleep in an actual crypt. The room comes with a custom built coffin that has room for two bodies...err...guests as well as several other amenities.

The room is attached to the now closed St. Patricks Church in Lewiston. Thomas Wallace was the church's first priest and oversaw the contruction of the massive building. He reportedly loved the church so much, he has a crypt built in the rectory so he could be buried there. After 102 years resting there, his body was moved to a cemetery in 2009 after the church officially closed its doors.

The Crypt Room will be available starting on August 1st and owned Andrew Knight expects to draw guests from around the world with the unique attraction of spending a night inside a real crypt. CNN outlines the amenities as well as shares more photos of the room here.

You can check out a detailed outline of the room at