Walgreens, always at the corner of Happy & Healthy is excited to partner with WBLM as the Men's Health Local Expert. With locations throughout Maine, each Walgreens takes pride in being a part of the local communities that they serve.

Men's Health includes an array of topics from heart and cancer to exercise and diet, tune in each month on air and on their Local Expert page for news, tips and the chance to interact or ask questions with a Walgreens Pharmacist from right here in Maine.

The most important tip to start, ask questions and stay informed on all things related to your health. No need to wait until a problem arises, the more you know the better prepared you will be to live a healthy life.

Walgreens at the Corner of Happy & Healthy and now Proud to be the Men's Health Local Expert for listeners of WBLM everywhere!

Visit them at their locations. Click here to find a Maine location nearest you.