With Halloween officially on the way, the State of Maine wants to warn you about the risk of unintended consumption of marijuana by kids and pets.

In an article by WGME, DHHS reported accidental ingestion of edibles by a child increased by eight times in 2017 versus 2016. As California questions a bill that would make edibles illegal for these same safety reasons, it's probably not a bad idea to keep a lock on your pot.

*Cue Jay and Silent Bob*

Chocolate brownies

All joking aside, there are potentially serious health risks involved when a child or pet accidently consumes pot according to the article and Good to Know Maine has insight on the potential risks and advice on keeping your family safe from your stash.

Also from Good to Know Maine, these are the current laws of marijuana usage in Maine!

Of course, chances are no one will be handing out edibles on Halloween but what better excuse to test the kiddo's candy?

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