Everyone's seen Jaws, right? While the giant animatronic shark might not hold up very well against modern horror films, real sharks hold their own just fine. Do we need more of them in the Maine waters, lurking in everyone's subconscious fears, like rent and existential dread? I don't think so, but apparently the sharks do.

According to WCSH-6, there have been a few great whites detected off the coast of Maine for the past couple of years. The most recent, a sighting that happened earlier this year in September, now has scientists saying that Maine could see a rise in the number of great whites patrolling the coast. Yay.

Fortunately, we don't actually have much to be afraid of. Here's an article by Scientific American, who explain why we really shouldn't be worrying all that might about them in the first place. Scared on not, we'll be hitting OOB come summer regardless.

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