Last night my wife, Nelly and I decided to order a pizza because we were gassed (tired). It's exhausting being an adult and we didn't want to cook. So, I jumped on my Domino's App and placed my order in two clicks. I am not sponsoring them, but it is so easy to order a pizza.

As normal, I got a text letting me know when it was ready so Nelly jumped in the car to grab the pie.

Minutes later, I get this hyper phone call from her saying, "Wait until you see what I am seeing right now!" She sent me the photo below.


Macie Hildebran via Facebook
Macie Hildebran via Facebook

Macie Hildebran works at Domino's as a hard working delivery driver and has decided to level up the holiday experience for her customers.

She has decorated her van with festive Christmas lights! She told me that because she is a delivery driver, she decided to add lights to her car! I also asked her what reactions she get's when driving around and delivering and she said the following,

I'm on the road so much, I figured what better way to help spread some holiday cheer.

When I pull up to customers doors, they really get a kick out of it & I see a lot of people looking over and smiling when I'm driving!

Then I wondered if she has ever gotten pulled over because of this or was approached by the police.

Macie says,

I've passed cops both with Dominos sign on my car and without, and none of them seem to mind! They must appreciate the lights as much as myself & everyone else does.

Obviously if you are distracting other cars or yourself as a driver it's probably not a good idea but Macie has done it perfectly! She is spreading hope and cheer to all of Androscoggin County and I for one am happy to see it!

It costs nothing to spread happiness, Macie knows that, do you? Way to represent Christmas Macie!

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