We all love pups and this one Maine dog has been rescued and the story is harrowing.

According to Sagadahoc County Sheriff's Office, a dog was seen laying in the road in Arrowsic. This wasn't just any typical day either, we were at single digits, freezing temps, arctic winds
A deputy named Anderson went to the scene to find out what was going on and couldn't find the dog.
This one instance is all about how one person was in the right place at the right time.
The Deputy looked all around the ditches, as the post says and finally located a female dog, lost, cold, alone, and close to freezing to death.
Deputy Anderson says the dog was "whimpering" when he walked up to her. The temperature was freezing and he could tell she tried to climb out of the ditch by noticing claw marks.

Sagadahoc County Sheriff's Office via Facebook
Sagadahoc County Sheriff's Office via Facebook
Deputy Anderson was then determined to find the owner of this doggy so he made flyers and went back to the location where the dog was found. He knocked on doors and was quickly able to locate an elderly woman who had been up all night long worrying about her dog.
She had let the dog out the night before and apparently she couldn't find her way back home. It was found out that the dog was 14 years old.
The lady and her pup were finally reunited and all were happy.
These were vital and life saving steps that Deputy Anderson and all involved took in order to save a beautiful and furry life.

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