The Maine CDC reported 345 new cases and four more deaths, and now you can be charged with trespassing if you don't wear a mask in an indoor public space.

Governor Janet Mills joined the CDC briefing this afternoon and issued the new executive order to strengthen mask requirements.

You now have to have a mask on in all indoor public spaces regardless of type or size. If you are a business owner and allow people not wearing masks to enter, you could be jeopardizing your license to be open and even face jail time and/or a fine.

If you insist on entering a place or taking your mask off once you are inside a business, you can be charged with trespassing.

This is a harsh step, but if Maine can't get the spread under control, limiting crowds and business closures, could be next. It's the last thing the governor wants to do and calls it a last resort.

This new executive order also says that you can't claim a medical exemption and enter some public space without a face covering. She had to make that clear because retailers have reported that people have been taking advantage of the exemption.

This new executive order starts today (Friday, December 11).

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