Maine has a lot of unique qualities that makes living here undeniably wonderful. But one of the unique outliers for Maine might surprise you. Did you know that Maine has more households that speak French than other state in the country?

According to the latest Census Bureau data, Maine has 5.28% of the French speaking households in the entire United States, and given Maine's smallish population compared to other states, that's impressive. The next closest state is Louisiana, who has 4.68% of the French speaking households countrywide.

While the distinction is cool, will it last? While language has been passed down from generation to generation here in Maine, can it sustain at such a high level? The writer of this tidbit you're reading right now grew up in a Franco-American hotspot in Maine, Lewiston, with great-grandparents, grandparents and parents who all spoke French fluently. However, I can't speak any of it. Will it be completely lost over a few more generations? Only time will tell.

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