For so many people in Maine, 2020 was an absolute struggle financially. Whether it was a downturn in their small business or losing their job outright, the unfortunate reality was that many Mainers found themselves strapped for cash throughout the pandemic-stricken year. Before cracking open the piggy bank and counting the pennies, there may be a way to kick off 2021 with a positive financial outlook. And that way is as simple as claiming property that you probably didn't realize belongs to you.


According to MaineBiz, the Maine Unclaimed Property Office is currently sitting on roughly $276 million dollars worth of financial assets. That's a Powerball jackpots worth of different assets that have gone unclaimed, everything from stock shares to uncashed checks to life insurance policies. One of the most common supplies of funds to the department is unpaid wages. It happens when an employer self-audits themselves and finds that they may have underpaid a former employee. There could be money waiting for you in Maine's coffers right now.


So how do you find it? The process is very simple. The easiest way to begin is by visiting the Maine Unclaimed Property website and following the steps to determine whether there's any unclaimed property in your name. If there is, there will be follow-up steps to get you that unclaimed property as soon as possible. With continuing Covid-19 precautions in place, the process can take a little longer than normal but it may be worth your extra ounce of patience.

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