A ridiculous state law that has been on the books for years has stunted the ability for small bars and restaurants to have entertainment, like karaoke, in their establishments. 

Pick any evening and walk through Portland's Old Port. You'll hear live bands playing, DJs spinning familiar songs and people belting our karaoke. In Portland, live entertainment at bars and restaurants is not an issue. But in smaller towns, where there is no clear permit process for that to take place, businesses have been feeling the squeeze. That looks like it will be changing soon.

According to the Portland Press Herald, Maine lawmakers are hoping to amend an old state law that forced bars and restaurants to seek permits from their local towns and municipalities in order to have something as simple as a karaoke night at their establishment. In many cases, towns and municipalities in Maine don't even have a permit process in place for entertainment, meaning if a business applied, it could be months (or perhaps longer) before they could receive that permit. Lawmakers seem to agree, that seems rather old fashioned.

One of the most ridiculous statutes under the current law? If someone sings "Happy Birthday" at a restaurant or bar that doesn't own an entertainment permit, they are technically breaking the law. If that seems silly, it's because it is. The entertainment permit isn't just for singing but also dancing as well. Under the proposed law change, smaller establishments would at least have the opportunity to entertain their guests with different options.

This sounds like a good change until someone tries to hit those high notes. Don't be that person.

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