A Maine State Trooper in Aroostook County stopped and turned on their blue lights to warn other drivers of a doe and her adorable fawn crossing the road.

It's a rare treat in Maine to see a deer in broad daylight, especially one that doesn't dart away as soon as it sees a human. In this case, a Maine State Trooper with Troop F based out of Houlton was one of those lucky ones to catch a doe and her fawn crossing a road somewhere in Aroostook County.

The unnamed trooper was able to capture the moment on video and posted it to the Maine State Police Facebook page. Bet you can't watch it without saying "Awwwwww," as you watch the little one follow its mother across the road, looking like it just recently learned how to walk as it often lifts its legs high as it makes its way to the other side.

The Trooper stopped and turned on their blue lights to warn other drivers of the deer crossing the road. A driver coming from the opposite direction took notice and stopped as well to wait until the two made it to the other side safely.

Deer seem to be making themselves seen this season as I had one on my front lawn last week in daylight and couldn't get a video, much less a picture that was any good like this Trooper was able to do. I spotted the deer again as I was mowing my lawn but didn't have my phone handy, but I'm going to keep trying!

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