A friend of Eliot, town officials have decided to auction off a moose head that's been the star of many wedding ceremonies.

A moose head, which dates back nearly 100 years has become a bit of a burden for town officials in Eliot, Maine. Now, they are preparing to auction it off, according to NECN.

Why are they parting with their furry friend? Upkeep, according to town officials.

With wear and tear over the course of time, repairs are expected to total close to $4,000, according to NECN.  This is money the town does not want to spend on a moose head.

Town manager Dana lee told NECN: "We have lots of other needs in the town of Eliot other than fixing an old molting moose... We don't have the money to repair it and it doesn't look too good."

It's even been a part of many civil ceremonies, according to Eliot clerk, Wendy Rawski. She told NECN: "They find it the most hilarious, Maine, New England thing they could possibly be doing."

Yes, the famous moose head could be yours. Inquire here.

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