Maine's safe haven law was passed in 2001 allowing for exemption from prosecution for people surrendering a newborn child.  Until now,  in order to remain anonymous and in accordance with the safe haven laws, parents who choose to surrender a child would have to face a human being in order to surrender a child, be it an on-duty hospital staff member, law enforcement officer, or medical service provider.

A new law passed in Maine now provides more options for those looking to surrender their newborn children to include 'Safe Haven Baby Box' locations, a way to be completely anonymous while surrendering a child in a designated safe space.

The 'Safe Haven Baby Box' allows for the anonymous surrender of a newborn baby via an installed, secure box built into the exterior of the wall of a fire station or hospital. After a baby is placed in the compartment, the outside door will instantly lock and an alarm will notify medical personnel of the presence of the child. A second door is accessible to medical personnel inside the facility in order to retrieve the child safely and securely.

There are a total of 83 Safe Haven Baby Boxes currently set up in the states of Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Arkansas, Florida, and Arizona.

A listing of the installation of these locations in the State of Maine is currently unavailable.

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