Maine had some absolutely wild weather yesterday, July 14th. The ran came down quick and hard. Driving home from work roads was flooding left and right and that wasn't even the worst of it. And apparently every other car on the road forgot how to drive in the rain, but I digress.

Over in the Sanford area, large hail was coming down. Video and photos were captured and shared by Caleb Boulter on Facebook.

It was so bad that the storm damaged 1,000 vehicles at Mark Motors in Sanford.

Over in Winslow, the roads were flooding quickly. One of them being China Road near McDonald's. One local, clearly the opportunist, busted out his fishing pole to see what he could find. The hilarious video was taken and shared by Brandon Dean.

According to comments on the video, he was not successful in his fishing endeavors. At least he now has a unique fishing story!

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