I'm sorry. There's no way this can be true. Zippia, who call themselves "The Career Experts" can't be experts on what they claim is Maine's favorite side dish.

They took some time away from working on people's careers to put together a map of what every state's favorite Thanksgiving side dish is by using Google Trends. In case you aren't familiar, Google Trends analyzes search trends based on region, and determined Maine's, and every other state's favorite side dish with that data.

If you want to see the explanation of how they came up with the results, they explain it on their website in a vague sort of way. To me, their methodology is seriously lacking. When you zoom in on Maine, this is what you see:


What...the actual....SIDE SALAD?!?!

Who in their right mind says in their out loud voice, "Ohhh I can't wait to get to grandma's for Thanksgiving for her delicious side salad!" Not. One. Person. If you do, don't admit it in the comments unless you want to be totally ridiculed.

Maine is the only...that's right...ONLY state that chose side salad. I'm pretty sure someone just pulled side dishes out of a hat and Maine got the last one. Side salad.

We're surrounded by great sides too!



Half of New England is stuffing and what about the lower half of the eastern seaboard? Hello Mac and Cheese! I want that on my Thanksgiving table.

The whole thing is bogus when it comes to Maine, so don't believe any of this unless you live in a stuffing or mac and cheese state.

So, let's make it a little more official shall we. Let's ask you, oh dear Mainer. What's your favorite side dish at Thanksgiving. Let us known in the comments below or on our Facebook page and we'll get a more accurate count. If side salad still wins, I'm moving south to mac and cheese.

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