There's something about drive-in theater food that just hits different, right? I mean, it's no big ole rack of dinosaur ribs getting attached to the side of your car like in the intro package of The Flintstones, but who wants to lift their car right-side up after eating a huge meal?

In all seriousness, in what has been small steps forward toward normalcy within the last few weeks, we have another reason to celebrate and feel more normal -- Fat Boy Drive-In in Brunswick officially just opened for the Spring and Summer season.

Technically, it was a bit of a reopening, since, according to Channel 8 WMTW, new ownership decided to open back in December for takeout and outdoor dining during the colder pandemic months, but this is a different kind of opening because of the vibe it brings in.

Drive-In outings during the warmer months feels like an EVENT. All four windows can be down to enjoy the weather (until it gets super muggy, then it's AC time), spirits are up, everyone is extra friendly, it's just one of the those must-do activities during the spring and summer -- with friends, with family, with a date -- whoever.

Fat Boy's owner, Mike Jerome, told Channel 8 WMTW that last summer was a bit wonky (obviously), between not having a full staff and having to eliminate some menu favorites, but they're hoping to rebound this year, with pretty much their full staff back and bringing back some of the old menu favorites.

Speaking of the menu, you can check out their menu AND order online! What are you most excited to have from Fat Boy's this spring and summer?

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