I’ve never been one to have much stamina. I’m not a cardio gal, I do not run, and if I go to the gym it’s to pick things up and put them down. I love a good walk outside for a mental and physical refresher but I will start complaining at some point.

I recently started training for a triathlon, which I’m still not sure why, but I’m in the midst of running and biking around and have felt pretty proud of myself. When I run more than 1.5 miles at one time I feel impressed with myself.

That was up until today when I stumbled upon this piece of news and learned that a 69-year-old man, Roger York, from Waterville walked 660 miles total around the state of Maine. As you can imagine, he definitely did way more than 1.5 miles at a time.

Maine Man First Person to Ever Walk to All Four Corners of Maine

As Bangor Daily News shares, Roger York started his journey in June of 2019 shortly after retirement, and set off on his 660-mile trek around Maine. Visiting the four corners of Maine is typically done on a motorcycle and is a scenic way to visit all parts of the Pine Tree State, but York dared to be different and took on the challenge by foot.

What Are The Four Corners of Maine?

Were you wondering that? Great question, ‘cause I was too. The four corners of Maine are Madawaska, the Lubec Post Office, the Kittery Trading Post, and Grafton Notch State Park. York completed his journey this past Saturday, June 11, and landed at Four Corners Park in Madawaska around 2 p.m.

This wasn’t his first time to the four corners but it was his first time on foot. He is one of many motorcyclists who have done the journey on wheels. York shared with Bangor Daily News that he averaged 11-14 miles per day with his longest trek being from South Portland to Yarmouth which was roughly 18-20 miles.

Maybe I should share this with my sister, she walked 3 miles the other day and you could hear her complaining from across the state.

This is an incredible accomplishment by Roger York and a lifetime memory and story to share with others. Maybe I’ll complain less about the 3.1-mile run I have coming up and keep York in mind when I’m training…

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