Suicide Squad's Margot Robbie will host the premiere of Saturday Night Live’s forthcoming Season 42, and The Weeknd will serve as the episode’s musical guest, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The show unveiled the news today (September 22), weeks after several cast changes were announced. The comedy sketch show is adding three new features players to the upcoming season, including Alex Moffat, Melissa Villasenor and Mikey Day.

The additions will serve to counter the recent departure of three cast members, Taran Killam, Jay Pharaoh and Jon Rudnitsky.

Pharaoh and Killam’s dismissals, in particular, came as a shock to viewers, and to Killam himself.

“I don’t know fully. I don’t know the other side of it,” Killam admitted, when asked to talk about the show's surprising decision. “You sign for seven years, so I had one more year. I had sort of had it in my head I would make this upcoming year my last year, but then heard they weren’t going to pick up my contract. I was never given a reason why, really. I can assume until the cows come home. But I do know I’m directing this movie [Why We’re Killing Gunther with Arnold Schwarzenegger] and I’ll have two months of post-production that would have bled into the SNL production schedule, so we kind of communicated that.”

Check out Margot Robbie and The Weeknd on Saturday Night Live's Season 42 premiere when the episode airs on October 1.

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