If you longed for a blanket of snow to cover everything on Christmas day, you were probably out of luck. And the snow that used to be there was most likely washed away from the earlier rains of the month.

But don't worry, winter was only taking a nap.

According to WMTW, snow, rain and ice will be headed Maine's way this Friday.

Most of the state will get snow at the start of Friday before it becomes a wintry mix and then later, rain, the news station reports.

Ultimately, snowfall amounts will be low because of the shift to rain, WMTW states, so don't expect much more than a few inches.

Really, it'll be a slick morning commute for everyone, so be careful if you have to drive out there.

If anything, this is simply a reminder winter has barely begun. The big snowstorms will be soon enough.


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