Goats will eat anything, but a lot of animals would love to munch on your discarded tree.

If you still have your tree up, good for you. But one of these days, it's gotta come down. Instead of filling a landfill, fill an animal's belly! News Center Maine did a great story about that gorgeous tree in your living room. Instead of chucking it in the backyard, there are ways to help our Maine farms.

News Center Maine talked to EcoMaine who agrees that anything you can do with that tree to avoid a landfill is a way better choice. Anyway to return it back to earth. Local farms, animal rescue, or other organizations. Lots of places can use that tree without all the ornaments.

RMT Farms is collecting trees to give to the alpacas, goats, and more on the farm. Who knew there were so many nutrients in those pines for all sorts of animals to help through the winter when there is no grass (although a lot more grass is around THIS winter)?

Plus, it's different. It's like having Chinese takeout instead of pizza again. It breaks up the monotony.  RMT will take trees until Valentine's Day. Saco River Wildlife Center suggested several places for several different animals - including goats!

But if you are thinking to yourself, well...maybe I'LL JUST EAT MY OWN DAMN TREE! You wouldn't be alone! Yes, eating your Christmas tree is an actual thing. The Guardian wrote about how chefs use the tree for sprucing up (get it?) drinks to all sorts of recipes. And there is a book called, 'How to Eat Your Christmas Tree'. Ya know...I'll leave my tree for the animals this year.

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