Mountain Pong is the next evolution of the popular drinking game that is fun, but always leaves a mess on the floor.

Mountain Pong

Have you been playing beer pong for years and looking to add a little bit of spice to the world's best drinking game? Well this might be the product for you.

Somebody got the idea to add a new dimension to the game with a setup called Mountain Pong. Multilevel cup holders add a new twist to the game and keep those cups steady for power shots.

I mean, just look at this setup right here. You will be the coolest guy/gal on the block when people come to party at your place. The design also allows for new game modes like ""Expedited, Speed Rules or Climbing the Mountain."

Mountain Pong

The creator slapped his idea on Kickstarter and already surpassed the $30,000 goal to fund the project. People love beer pong almost as much as they like giving people their money on the internet.

*Cue the angry commenters who sat that "Beer Pong" should actually be called "Beirut."

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