Correction: While the House of Representatives approved it, the bill did not pass in the Senate. No new law has been enacted when it comes to the bill suggesting changes to certain terms.

Controversial? Definitely. Offensive? Well, apparently.

Maine Laws

Look, laws happen. And in the grand scheme of things, you'd think/hope/wish/pray/whatever-you-do that at the end of the day, those laws are all for the greater good.

And some are, like having to wear seatbelts while driving. Because, ya know, it's nice to stay alive while getting from Point A to Point B. (Unless you're New Hampshire, because lawmakers there are like, "Hey, it's your choice on how hard you want to go rep the 'Live Free or Die' state motto.)

Author's Note: I grew up in New Hampshire, so I can say it and I have nothing but love for the 603.

Others are those stereotypical laws that are so outdated it's mostly laughable and slightly embarrassing. (Like "no eating Whoopie Pies on Wednesdays or else you go to jail" -- not sure if that's ever been an actual law, but you get the example.)

Niu Niu / Valery Tenevoy
Niu Niu / Valery Tenevoy

New Maine Jail Law

According to The Maine Wire, Maine lawmakers decided to just update terms used when it comes to prisoners in order to "reduce the stigma of committing crimes and going to jail" by ruling certain terms offensive under Maine law.

As ruled by lawmakers, people who have committed a crime and been sent to jail will no longer be labeled as "prisoners" or "jail inmates," but instead will be referred to as "residents."

As in, "He/she committed a crime and is now a resident of this correctional facility."

Carles Rabada
Carles Rabada

Lawmakers didn't just stop there, though.

Because also now considered offensive by Maine lawmakers are the terms drug user, probationer, and able-bodied.

According to The Maine Wire, "drug user" will now be referred to as "person who uses drugs," "probationer" will now be referred to as "person on probation," and "able-bodied" will now be referred to as "physically able resident of a correctional facility."

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