Maybe you're one of those people who is lucky enough to meet a celebrity you're a fan of. Being in the radio business, I've met a ton. It's always interesting to see what comes from that experience. Interviewing musicians has always been a part of the gig here. More often than not, it's fun.

That's not always the case, though. From time to time, you will run into celebrities who are in a bad mood, don't want to give you the time of day or just flat out dicks.

Karen has been a sales person here at the radio station for over 30 years and one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. While recently attending a David Sedaris book signing, she got to meet the man himself. Again, a one-on-one encounter with someone you're a fan of ... a great opportunity, most of the time.

From Karen's Facebook page:

I attended the October 21, 2015 show in Portland, Maine. It was my third time seeing him in Portland. (now my last time seeing him) My first time at the book signing table. I was really looking forward to meeting him.

DS: “What’s your name?”
Me: “Karen”
DS: “Do you have children?”
Me: “I have a dog”
DS: “What’s his name?”
Me: “Cosmo”
DS: “How old?”
Me: “He’s 12.”
DS: “Oh, he’ll die soon. Yes, he’s 12, he’ll die soon.”

After the conversation, he proceeded to draw a gravestone with R.I.P. Cosmo on it. He said he was drawing weeds that will grow there because she'd forget about him and get another puppy. She was shocked and pretty much speechless.


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