It's called the Escape Room, and it's a concept that has begun to pick up steam across the country.


A hot new concept attraction is set to open in Portland on July 2nd at 496 Congress St. The idea is this, you and your friends (or complete strangers) will be trapped inside a room for 60 minutes.

There are all the clues you'll need to escape the room inside of it but you must work as a team to uncover the clues and unlock the secrets that will allow you to escape.

This concept has made millions in virtual escape games like "The Room" on Steam, Android and iOS devices and has begun to pop up in major cities across the United States in real action form. It's a unique attraction and generally has multiple rooms with different levels of difficulty available.

Check out the Escape Room Maine website for more details and advanced booking. And if you're still confused what this is all about, watch this video from the Escape Room in Orlando, Florida.