The New Countryside Diner is now open in Augusta. This restaurant has replaced the former Rebecca's place that was operating for more then 40 years.

According to Yahoo, Rebecca's Place closed in January because the owner was unable to find enough employees to continue the business.

The owner of the new Countryside diner has announced officially on Facebook how excited they are to now be open to the public!

Countryside is located at 434 Eastern Ave in Augusta and the opening has gotten a lot of hype online! Many responses from the community have been posted and consumer are looking forward to getting in and enjoying a meal!

They have updated us all each step of the way, counting down the days until they officially opened. They shared that they passed the health inspections and when their alcohol licenses were approved.

This is very obvious that this restaurant loves keep in communication with the community and make sure everyone is involved in this family style restaurant.

A recent post from their Facebook said, "Lights are on! We are open!" with the picture below!

Countryside Diner via Facebook
Countryside Diner via Facebook

We wish this new diner good luck and can't wait to try their brand new menu!

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