Yet another development that has Patriot fans jaws dropping around New England, the three time Super Bowl champ has just announced that he is retiring from the NFL.

When will the jaw dropping newsbreaks stop? Just when you think things have calmed down for a minute, Patrick Chung officially announces his retirement after 12 NFL seasons.

Eleven of those seasons were spent here in New England as he left for one season, 2013, to play for The Philadelphia Eagles and quickly returned the next year.

I had no clue that actual big news was about to break, just two days later.

The New Hampshire connection is strong with this three time Super Bowl Champion, not only referencing the car insurance company with a gigantic corporate office here in Dover but Chung is also a home owner in the Lakes Region.

It's sounds cliche that he will be remembered for so many great moments in Patriots history, but the highlight films that feature him in a half dozen NFL Films Super Bowl specials will grace our TV screens forever. Those will speak for themselves!

I'll remember him as always being tough as nails, playing through injuries and a solid presence in the defensive backfield.

He'll be a shoo-in for the Patriots Hall Of Fame and I guarantee you'll see him wearing the bright red sports jacket at a summer ceremony sooner than later.

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