So I decided to sit down and watch the new Netflix TV series starring Mike Myers called The Pentaverate and I was not expecting a show that surrounded a Canadian news anchor to have so many New England references. Don’t worry I won’t give away any spoilers.

If you are a fan of Mike Myers, then you may recall hearing about the Pentaverate in one of his films. The Pentaverate was first mentioned in the 1993 movie So I Married an Axe Murderer by Charlie’s father (played by Myers). Charlie’s father went on about how deep conspiracy theorists claim the group of five (the Pentaverate) run the world and meet in a secret mansion known as “The Meadows.”

Well, the Netflix series picks right up on that with mentions of “The Meadows” and all of the conspiracy theories about the Pentaverate. However, three characters caught my eye the most due to the fact that they all revolve around New England.

Of course, Mike Myers plays multiple roles in the series, just like he does in many of his movies. I honestly couldn’t count on one hand how many rolls he took on for this TV series. One role that he plays is Anthony Lansdowne, a crazy conspiracy theorist from New Hampshire that lives out of his van and is determined to expose the Pentaverate.

Now when I say crazy, I mean crazy, Anthony Lansdowne literally created a door-less bathroom in his van which made for some uncomfortable scenes.

Born in Medford, MA, actress and journalist, Maria Menounos also stars in the series and of course, she plays the role of a journalist for the Pentaverate.

One character that stood out in the series was Mentor. You may be saying that’s a thing not a character, and honestly, you’d be sort of correct. As the show states, Mentor is smarter than any artificial intelligence due to the fact that it contains a human soul. You may be wondering why this person/device is so interesting. Well, as one of Mike Myers’ many characters states, it has the soul of a “Masshole.”

Since Mentor is a “Masshole” it is "Wicked Smaht." That’s right, thanks to Mentor, played by Gregory Hoyt, you will hear the Bostonian accent in almost every episode (and will probably laugh at the things Mentor says). However, if you listen closely you may recognize the voice. Gregory Hoyt was the voice in the Sam Adams ad "Your Cousin From Boston."

It was definitely interesting to see New England shine so much in this series.

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