The new Google feature known as "Frightgeist" allows you discover the costume trends locally and nationally as Halloween approaches. 

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The crazy kids over at Google have put together a fancy little website called "Frightgeist" that will allow you to check the up-to-date costume trends in your region. In Maine, we're broken down into three regions; Portland, Bangor, and Presque Isle. Google is using search related data and compiling the lists. They also tell you when there's an unusually popular costume search in your area that didn't make the top 5 overall. In Portland's case, CATWOMAN?! Look out girls.

Here are Portland's Top 5 as of right now:

1. Pirate  (Obviously showing huge amounts of pride for the Portland Pirates)

2. Elmo   (Hard to say if this is just for kids, or dudes looking to be "tickled" on Halloween night)

3. Shark  (Who knew that Jaws would be making a comeback? Thanks Back To The Future!)

4. Dalmatian  (Totally lost on this one, expected Portland to be trending with some hybrid cross-breed. Dalmatian isn't hipster enough)

5. Minion   (ba na na na na, wada wa wa da da)

Bangor's Top 5 as of right now:

1. Pebbles Flintstone  (wait, what? How many boxes of Fruity Pebbles are being crushed daily in Bangor?)

2. Dorothy Gale   (Hey guys, there's going to be a bunch of girls with ruby red slippers and pigtails running around Bangor Halloween night....soooooo)

3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  (Here's a classic I can get behind. I've been Donatello at least three times for Halloween personally)

4. Witch  (No specifics on whether this is a "wicked" witch, but are they showing The Wizard of Oz on repeat up in Bangor?)

5. Elsa  (Seems like another Halloween where people can't let it go, let it gooooooo)

Presque Isle's Top 5 as of right now:

1. Clown  (Can't you just imagine a Halloween party in the county with 12 guys dressed up like clowns? I can.)

2. Pizza   (I dare a group of friends from Northern Maine to dress up as a variety pizza, pieces of pepperoni, sausage, bacon, etc. Mmmmm)

3. Curious George  (I'm curious if people just hit the library hard for this classic...or are kids just recycling their parents old costumes from the 80's and 90's?)

4. Witch  (Ok, revision from above....a party in the county with 12 dudes dressed up as clowns and 4 chicks dressed as witches pounding Molsons. Perfect.)

5. Superman  (Interesting superhero of choice northern Maine. No Ant-Man love at all?)

The trends are constantly updating so keep checking them to ensure that you're not dressed like everyone else, right? And don't you just wish there was a trend specific to Lewiston?

Also, if you're still looking for plans Halloween night, why not join us?


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