Just in time to make your skin crawl, researchers claim that more than 50% of Maine's ticks carry lyme disease and other pathogens. 


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According to WCSH-6, new research about Maine's tick population could leave your skin crawling just in time for Halloween. Researchers from the Maine Medical Research Institute conducted field surveillance this fall across the entire state and have found that more than 50% of Maine's tick population carry lyme disease.

Researchers also claim that the most significant area of infected ticks is in Southern Maine but it's not exclusive to that area. The researchers say it's extremely important to cover your body as completely as possible when heading into the woods and if possible, wear repellent that can last through wash cycles. Additionally, you should make sure to check your body and your clothing after returning from the woods.

Your pets are also susceptible to ticks and if you're not careful, your pets can unknowingly bring ticks into your home. It's important to take preventative measures with pets, once again using repellents, to ensure your pets health as well as your own.

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