It's a triple no-no for a New Hampshire woman who was driving with a baby goat on her lap, using her cell phone, AND driving without a valid license. Marlborough Police pulled the woman over on Main Street on Monday. And it's a good thing, too. Someone could have been seriously injured.

The Marlborough Police Department posted a punny warning on its Facebook page: "I wish this was another April Fool's joke baaaht it's not," with the hashtags #CantMakeThisUp and #NewHampshireProblems.

The distracted driver remains anonymous at this time.

Even though the incident is not amusing because of the danger this woman posed to herself and other people, some of the comments are. Scott's question and the response from the Marlborough Police (below) are epic:

(Marlborough, NH Police Department Via Facebook)
(Marlborough, NH Police Department Via Facebook)

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