After having taken in several severely injured barred owls, the Maine Center for Wildlife is urging Mainers to keep an eye out for the birds flying near roadways.

The problem, reports WMTW, is that too many of us toss scraps out of our car windows, which land near the edge of the highway and attract wildlife to a smorgasbord of potentially deadly leftovers.

"We're essential teaching wildlife that the road is a place where they should come to forage and look for food," the Center for Wildlife asserted.

Barred Owl

In addition to attracting owls and other wildlife to dangerous areas, humans are using rat poison to get rid of squirrels and other vermin this year, which pollutes the whole food chain as owls find and devour poisoned carcasses and get sick themselves. Instead of using poison to take care of rodent problems, try traps that physically trap or kill vermin as opposed to allowing them into trace poison to other animals. The circle of life doesn't need our help!

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