I think we've all wanted to do something about the cold.

But what can you actually do. Well, then answer is simple. Nothing. We can do absolutely nothing about it. I've wanted to somehow, secretly. Like, if I could have a super power, it would be to change the weather. Then it would only rain at night, and it would never be humid, hahaha.

One Mainer on Reddit has finally had enough. There's a post from u/sadbodrunner that basically emphatically states in no uncertain terms, that they've had it with winter and all it's coldness. Well, yeah. who hasn't? But they're (hilariously and mockingly) threatening to stand outside of Hannafords' around the state, and petition to end winter.

Yes, for a split second, I stopped in my tracks.

I did. For a minute, I thought it was totally true. Right now, in the last two years, I feel like I've literally heard every tinfoil-hatted theory on just about everything. But as I read on, I realized it was just someone who has truly had it with being cold, and actually found a humorous and constructive way to let off some steam.

The comments are all over the place, which is the part I always look for. Because, you guessed it, there were a few people who thought it was serious. And there were a bunch of people complaining about a whole other post. And then those that just got it, and played along. It's the internet. The comments are where our brains really live.

At the end of the day, it was worth a good chuckle. And, I actually had a funny vision of someone trying to collect signatures outside a grocery store... to ban cold. I imagine a ton of people would sign, but who are gonna deliver that too? No one. Oh well.... it was fun to dream...

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