Mike Conicelli has worked in security at One City Center for the past 16 years...Friday is his last day.

What a great story Mike has. He bought a scratch ticket and won 1,000 dollars! Nothing to sneeze at! He went up to the Maine State Lottery office in Augusta on Monday to get his money. He got his 1,000 dollar check and was a bit hungry.

He stopped at a McDonald's at a Citgo while in Augusta...and since he had just won big, what the heck..he bought a 25 dollar $50,000,000 dollar scratch ticket...and won.

50,000 DOLLARS!

Mike Conicelli

Mike has little debt and 51,000 (minus taxes) in his pocket! He's quitting his job Friday after 16 years. He's gonna go visit his brother in Las Vegas (not kidding) and says he's NOT bringing a lot of money with him.

He's never considered himself a lucky person, but that all changed this week. Even the lottery commissioners office said they had never seen luck like that. 51,000 dollars in 20 minutes...not too shabby!

Mike Conicelli